Come and enjoy a life of leisure at Real Nails & Spa. We are dedicated to giving our customers the feel of true paradise. Equipped with a high definition television and salon and massage chairs, Real Nails & Spa provides adequate service, reasonable prices, and 100% satisfaction for our customers.   

      Our licensed and loyal staff are happy to be at your service. With sanitary and sterilized equipment at our side, you can leave being glad you came. We proudly use OPI Nail Polish and have a wide selection of colors of different shades and hues for our customers to choose from. Our goal is to have our customers leave with beautiful nails and a boosted confidence, for not only are they happy, but we are too.

     Imagine... a massage chair lightly beating at your back, your feet dipped in light foaming warm water, a hot towel on your legs, and a magazine on your lap. The only thing that should be escaping your lips is, "Ahhh~ true paradise".